UFC 195 results from Las Vegas

Who were the winners at UFC 195: Lawler vs. Condit? Click below to get the results for all the fights at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, on Saturday, Jan. 2, 2016.

UFC 195: Lawler vs. Condit main card

Welterweight championship fight: Robbie Lawler defeats Carlos Condit

UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler withstood the biggest threat to his title reign at UFC 195, scoring a split decision victory to retain his championship against Carlos Condit (48-47, 48-47, 47-48). Condit landed more punches and kept a crazy pace, but in the end the champion was able to pick his spots and score enough to keep the title. Lawler had a huge knockdown in the 2nd round - a huge right hand landed flush - but Condit was game for everything that the champion threw at him as well.

They said it:
ROBBIE LAWLER: “Carlos is a hell of a fighter who comes from one of the best camps in the world. He came with a game plan and we battled it out, ‘and still’ but let’s do it again. Carlos is just so tough every time he fights he proves people wrong. Hats off to him. Hes tough and technical as hell and he’s in shape.”
CARLOS CONDIT: “It was close but I thought there was a good chance I was ahead. I knew he was going to come out guns a blazing you have to come out and fight. I wasn’t hurt neurologically but I was roughed up a little bit. I thought I had three rounds in the bag but that happens.”

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Stipe Miocic defeats Andrei Arlovski

Stipe Miocic had one message for UFC President Dana White after he finished Andrei Arlovski by TKO in 54 seconds in the co-main event of UFC 195: "Give me a shot," Miocic screamed. Miocic finished the former heavyweight champion Arlovski in devastating fashion - a pair of perfectly placed right hands that led to a flurry of strikes to a downed Arlovski before referee Herb Dean stepped in to save "The Pit Bull."

They said it:
STIPE MIOCIC: “I've had a bad few weeks personally with some family issues. I just really want to have my shot and I know I deserve it. I think that win was impressive enough and I'm very emotional and jacked about the way it ended up. This is what I signed up for. He's a former champ and a super tough guy, a really nice guy. He can always get stung and come back so I knew I had to put him away and put a stamp on my title shot.”

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Albert Tumenov defeats Lorenz Larkin
Albert Tumenov took a beating to his lead left leg, as Lorenz Larkin unleashed a leg assault of epic proportions in their welterweight showdown at UFC 195. But it wasn't enough for "Da Monsoon" as Tumenov was able to do enough with his speed and explosive combos to secure the split decision victory (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

They said it:
WINNING FIGHTER: “I expected a very hard fight from Lorenz. I think he is one of the toughest guys in the division and he holds a win over the current champion so his record speaks for itself. He’s extremely experienced so I think that my victory tonight means a lot. This is my fifth win in a row and even though I’m unranked I know that I can defeat the guys in the top ten. I’m ready to climb this ladder.”

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Brian Ortega defeats Diego Brandao

They call Brian Ortega "T-City" for a reason, and it's because he is the master of the triangle choke. He proved it again at UFC 195, getting Diego Brandao to the mat before pulling off a few slick transitions to get the Brazilian into his patented triangle choke for the finish at 1:37 of Round 3. Ortega remains perfect at 10-0.

They said it:
BRIAN ORTEGA: “The finish was awesome. That’s what I did in the gym growing up as a kid and it’s amazing to do it in the Octagon for real. I knew Diego was going to come in aggressive and he did just that in the first two rounds. I love the third round, I really turn it up in the third. He was well prepared for the fight but I threw an unexpected choke and caught him. I’m only 24-years-old and I’m really hoping to start fighting some top-15 guys and really start my career.”
DIEGO BRANDAO: “Obviously I’m disappointed with getting caught like that but Ortega was very tough. The gameplan was to attack the standup and wear him down. I was definitely tiring as we got into the third round and he got a second win. No excuses and congrats to him on a great win.”

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Abel Trujillo defeats Tony Sims
Facing a must-win situation, Abel Trujillo reached into his bag of tricks at UFC 195 to pull off a beautiful guillotine choke submission against Tony Sims at 3:18 of the very first round to break a two-fight losing streak. Sims landed a takedown but tried to rush to get out of the guillotine that Trujillo applied, playing right into the Blackzilians fighter's hands. He locked it in and Sims had nowhere to go, and was forced to tap.

They said it:
ABEL TRUJILLO: “Sims is very long and rangy so my coaches and I anticipated being at the end of his punches at first. They told me not to get frustrated and to stay aggressive. When the finish happened he just sort of gave me his neck on his shot. The arm triangle is my favorite choke and when I’m able to sink anything like that it’s over. Honestly, I was a little tearful after this one because I’ve been through a lot and it felt so good to perform for my coaches and training partners. People see us inside the cage but they don’t see the hundreds of hours in the gym and all the support we get from friends and family. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices with my time for this sport and I’m looking forward to spend some time with my daughter. After that I’m ready for whatever the UFC has next and as always … the glory goes to God.”
TONY SIMS: “I thought I could shake him loose when we went to the ground. I wasn’t trying to slam him, I was just trying to land on the safe side of him. Unfortunately, he held on and I couldn’t break loose.”

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UFC 195: Lawler vs. Condit FS1 prelims

Michael McDonald defeats Masanori Kanehara

After fighting off his back for the entirety of the first round, Michael McDonald was able to reverse an arm triangle attempt by Masanori Kanehara, transitioning to the back and locking in his own submission to finish the fight. McDonald pulled off a rear naked choke at 2:09 of Round 2 to secure his 17th career win and sixth submission victory.

They said it:
MICHAEL McDONALD: “Kanehara was a phenomenal opponent that pushed me to the limit. He had the best pressure I’ve ever felt and his submissions were great. When he had me in the head and arm choke I was losing air so quickly that I knew I was either going to pass out or explode through. Luckily the last ditch effort worked and I was able to reverse him into the choke. He made a very slight mistake in the defense and it got me the ‘W’ tonight.”
MASANORI KANEHARA: “Michael was a very tough opponent, he was everything I expected him to be. Tonight really wasn’t my night.”

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Alex Morono defeats Kyle Noke
Alex Morono looked impressive in his UFC debut, hanging in tough against veteran Kyle Noke and outlasting the Aussie to earn the split decision victory, (29-28, 29-28, 27-30). Morono was the aggressor throughout the fight, coming forward and looking to land shots on the feet. He almost pulled off a very slick armbar in the third round but Noke was able to survive.

They said it:
ALEX MORONO: “First of all, being able to do this for a living is the biggest blessing I can imagine having. I honestly thought that going into this fight on 12 days’ notice when I’m used to having a 10 week camp would be tougher. The first time we tied up I was surprised he wasn’t stronger in the clinch. I figured that I would gas quickly on the short camp so I was content with throwing hard shots and either getting knocked out or knocking him out. I can’t believe that he didn’t tap on that submission. I could feel his arm cracking. Very surprised we went to the decision but I’m very happy with the win and I’m shocked that I’m here… it’s surreal.”
KYLE NOKE: “I couldn’t find my timing tonight and I couldn’t find my punches.”

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Justine Kish defeats Nina Ansaroff

After getting outstruck 106-85 (97-65 in significant strikes), Justine Kish managed to outscore Nina Ansaroff with two timely takedowns to earn a unanimous decision victory on the FS1 prelims (30-27, 30-27, 29-28). Kish looked to be a little rusty after two years out of action, but she continued to come forward all fight and landed some key blows that likely scored points in the eyes of the judges.

They said it:
JUSTINE KISH: “After two years off due to injury, this win and this fight mean a lot to me. I had to keep my eyes open as to what was going on with the division and hurry up to get better before the division got too deep. I allowed myself two days to sulk after I hurt my knee, but that was it; I was straight into work mode after that. I had to be dilligent with my rehab, I found a great physical therapist and we were really smart about the rate of my rehab. I didn’t want to have to come back and worry about throwing kicks. It takes an entire team, but with their help and their support I was able to come into this fight at 100-percent health and confidence and not have any worries. I want the belt next. I think that’s the easy answer, hopefully that’s what everyone would say, but I want that belt! Nina is a great girl with a solid foundation and I feel she will go very far in this sport despite what happened tonight.”
NINA ANSAROFF: “When the eye poke happened as long as they didn’t stop the fight I knew I would be ok. Once I had some time to shake off the cobwebs it was fine and it didn’t really affect my performance. You never know what the judges see out there but I thought that I definitely landed the cleaner and harder shots throughout the fight. You just have to move on and get better for the next one.”

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Drew Dober defeats Scott Holtzman
Drew Dober outwrestled the wrestler Scott Holtzman, landing four takedowns and out-striking "Hot Sauce" 50-22 in significant strikes to earn the unanimous decision win (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

They said it:
DREW DOBER: “I just want to grow into an icon in this game and I want to represent my team. The hard work we put in at Elevation Fight Team has shown and I’m very proud to be a part of it. I’m very happy with the win and ready to put on another show.”
SCOTT HOLTZMAN: “I felt like I had the momentum going into the third. I know he was tired and he felt like he was ready to wilt. He landed that takedown in the third and I got stuck on my back. I have no excuses.”

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UFC 195: Lawler vs. Condit FIGHT PASS prelims

Dustin Poirier defeats Joe Duffy

Since his move to 155 pounds, Dustin Poirier has been unstoppable. The Diamond continued his run Saturday in the UFC FIGHT PASS prelims main event, dominating previously unbeaten (in the UFC) 'Irish' Joe Duffy to earn the 30-26, 30-27, 30-27 unanimous decision. Poirier was explosive and quick on the feet, and his four takedowns led to a barrage of elbows and strikes from top position on his way to the big win.


They said it:
DUSTIN POIRIER: “My nose is crushed for sure. When I touch it, it feels like a broken lightbulb. I didn’t want to make it a boring fight by grinding it out, but I couldn’t breathe at all. Joe hit me with a lot of punches. He had a lot of volume, but not a lot of power. I’d love to have a beer next, other than that I’m just back in the gym. I live a mile from the gym, the new location is about to open and I love this! Happy New Year.”

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Michinori Tanaka defeats Joe Soto
Joe Soto put forth an impressive effort in the third and final round, landing 60 significant strikes and making up for a slow start, but it wasn't enough as Michinori Tanaka was able to do enough in the first two rounds to earn the split decision victory (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

They said it:
MICHINORI TANAKA: “After the fight Joe and I had a conversation and he was very supportive. He wished me all the best and gave me several compliments on my wrestling and submission defense. It’s always great to fight someone that has a respect for the sport like I do and it was a nice way to end our fight. My initial gameplan was to attack the standup but as the fight progressed I knew I held a bigger advantage on the ground. I was completely exausted by the third round but Joe was taunting me so I started exchanging with him. It turned into a very exciting round and I hope the fans enjoyed it as much as I did.”
JOE SOTO: “I’m really good off my back, one of the best in the world and so I really take pride in that. He has a very high tolerance for chokes, anyone else in the world would have tapped. I had him three different times and he really shocked me the way he slipped out. I don’t go 100-percent on my submissions because I don’t want to burn myself out, but I went 99-percent on him and he still didn’t tap. There’s no point in burning your arms out if the guy just isn’t going to tap. I agree with the decision because I know how they score rounds. He landed the takedowns and I was on my back a lot, but I did more damage and I had the submission attempts. If I was a judge I would have scored it two rounds to one in his favor or a draw if you gave me a 10-8 round. It was the right decision.”

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Sheldon Westcott defeats Edgar Garcia

Sheldon Westcott overwhelmed Edgar Garcia early in their bout to open up the UFC FIGHT PASS prelims at UFC 195. Westcott scored an early takedown and then utilized some brutal ground & pound en-route to the TKO finish at 3:12 of the 1st Round.

They said it:
SHELDON WESTCOTT: “That felt amazing. My whole family and the rest of my team that wasn’t cornering me tonight were here watching. Everyone knows I have a fast start style and I have eight finishes inside of the first couple minutes. I don’t want to say this is what I expected because I’ve had a couple poor performances recently but I was hoping I’d find my new self out there. I definitely knew after my last bout that it was time to shake up my training so I went to Jackson’s in Albuquerque for a couple of weeks then I went to Australia to train. The guys at Jackson’s really made me feel like a part of the family and I learned a lot. Their way of doing things was very opposite what I had been doing before so it was a huge shake up in my comfort level. I think that’s very important in this game and I’m glad to be evolving and getting better. I would love to fight on the Brisbane card if there’s a spot open for me.”
EDGAR GARCIA: “I’m surprised he took me down and I wasn’t able to get back to my feet. In training we practiced a bunch of different ways to get back up if I got taken down. Sheldon got me in a position that I just couldn’t get back up. Congratulations to him, he was the better fighter tonight.”

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