UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor final results

Who were the winners at UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor? Click below to get the results for all the fights at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, on Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015.

UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor main card

Featherweight championship fight: Conor McGregor defeats Jose Aldo
IT’S ALL OVER … AND THE NEW FEATHERWEIGHT CHAMPION IS CONOR MCGREGOR! It took only 13 seconds as the first punch the Irishmen threw sent Aldo to the deck and that was it. For McGregor, the KO win is his 19th career victory and solidifies the interim title he won July. For the former champion Aldo, the 13-second loss puts his record at 25-2. The finish was the fastest ever in a UFC world title fight, beating Ronda Rousey’s 14-second submission of Cat Zingano in February, and Andrei Arlovski’s 15-second knockout of Paul Buentello in 2005.

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Middleweight championship fight: Luke Rockhold defeats Chris Weidman
LUKE ROCKHOLD IS YOUR NEW UFC MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! A very close first round to start the fight as the champion came out strong to start, but Rockhold began to take control as the time ticked down. In the second, Rockhold was in charge throughout and even staggered Weidman with solid kicks. Round 3 was a more balanced affair until the last 90 seconds when Rockhold was in control on the ground and then dished out a tremendous amount of damage – bloodying the champ. A tired Weidman was thrown around for portions of the fourth round with California’s Rockhold inflicting more damage to his face until referee Herb Dean stepped in to call the fight a TKO victory for the new champion and the first defeat in Weidman’s professional history.

They said it:
Luke Rockhold: “It’s hard to take this all in. I went through hell to get here, but it’s all worth it now. I thought the fight was going to be stopped in the third round, I actually wasn’t sure if it was stopped or if the round ended. Chris being the champ he is came back hard in the fourth round, but I got the job done. I’m not very impressed with what’s going on in the division right now; all I can think of is Vitor Belfort on a silver platter. Give him to me Dana!”
Chris Weidman: “At the end of the day, my family loves me and my fans love me. He caught me with those elbows. All I can do now is work hard and get back in the gym.”

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Yoel Romero defeats Ronaldo Souza

Yoel Romero came out swinging – a well-placed spinning backfist by the Cuban halfway through the first round sent the Brazilian Souza to the ground and Romero went to town with the ground-and-pound, outstriking by a 35-1 margin in the opening five minutes. The second round was a more even round – although there was a brief stoppage as Romero gained top position by grabbing the fence and the referee took away the advantage and gave him a warning. Finally, the third round saw an even start until Souza opened up his punches, took down Romero, and was in control for most of the time until the final bell sounded. The outcome was in the judges’ hands, and they scored it in favor of Romero by split decision (29-27, 29-28, 28-29)

They said it:
Yoel Romero: “It sounds contradictory to say, but it’s always a surprise to count on God’s blessing because God does marvelous things for human beings. I didn’t mean to grab the fence, it was instinct. I started to fall and I grabbed on, it wasn’t intentional. I don’t have a preference between Rockhold or Weidman next, there is no better style matchup. This is mixed martial arts so you have to be good at everything.”
Jacare Souza: “The bottom line is that he cheated in the second round and he should've lost a point. Regardless I still won the second round and I won the fight. Romero had heavy hands and caught me with some good shots but I was never in enough trouble to cause a 10-8 round.”

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Demian Maia defeats Gunnar Nelson
This fight started as a high-level technical fight, but eventually it turned into a beatdown as Maia got on Nelson’s back and hung on, striking his head at every opportunity. The second round saw the fight go back to a more technical battle again until Maia got Nelson’s back again and the punishment continued. The Icelandic fighter came out much stronger in the final round, but eventually Maia found his way to control positions until the final bell. In the end, Maia outstruck Nelson by a margin of 218-6 – leading to a judges’ unanimous outcome on his behalf (30-25, 30-25, 30-26).

They said it:
Demian Maia: “I’m very happy with my performance. There were a couple of small mistakes but overall I think the scores from the judges showed how dominant I was. We knew that Gunnar was going to be very, very tough because he asked for this fight. Anytime a guy asks to compete against you they usually think they have the advantage. My jiu-jitsu is very good and anytime I’m able to show what my coaches and my team are capable of doing I really enjoy it. I’m very healthy coming out of this fight. Hopefully the fans enjoyed the bout and I look forward to doing it for them again soon.”

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Max Holloway defeats Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens swung for the fences in the waning minutes of the third and final round, doing his best to score a KO after his corner told him that he was behind, but he could not get the job done. Unfortunately for him, his corner was correct: The judges’ scorecards gave the victory to the Hawaiian Holloway unanimously (30-27, 30-27, 29-28). This is the eighth consecutive victory for the No. 5-ranked featherweight.

They said it:
Max Holloway: “In order to get to the top of the division you have to stick out. I saw what Frankie Edgar did last night and he put on a great performance and I was trying to match him. I feel good, I got the win, but it wasn’t pretty. I think the fight started slow because Jeremy and I have so much respect for one another. On the bright side, I got to show a little more of my game, show my wrestling a little bit. I don’t know what’s next, that’s my manager’s job. We’ll sit down with Dana, Lorenzo and Sean Shelby and see what they want to do.”
Jeremy Stephens: “I wanted to set up with fast hands, cut him off, control the real estate and land some takedowns. Max fought really well. I think that last takedown sealed the deal for him, which really upsets me because I don’t get taken down.”

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UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor FS1 prelims

Urijah Faber defeats Frankie Saenz
What a fight! After a close 1st Round, Urijah Faber went on full blast mode in the next stanza, hitting Saenz with everything he had and even wobbling the product of Arizona – but Saenz would not give up and even took charge late in the round. Then in the third it was No. 13 bantamweight Saenz who came out swinging and looked the stronger of the two. However, neither fighter could get the finish and it came down to the judges – who ended up giving it to (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

They said it:
Urijah Faber: “That fight took me back to my hardest practices at UC Davis wrestling. Your head would be pounding and your chest is throbbing, you feel like you can’t give another ounce but you have to. I’m very fatigued but I was able to get the win. I could hear him verbally hurt from a body shot I landed so I tried to pour on the punishment to the body. Then he caught me with a hard shot to the body and it took me a moment to recover. Just a great back and forth fight against a guy that had seven straight victories.”
Frankie Saenz: “My game plan was to use a lot of movement, I knew Urijah was fast, so I wanted to keep him guessing and moving. I respect him so much, he’s been at the top of this game for so long and it was a true honor to fight him. I’m going to go back to the drawing board and hopefully draw another top opponent.”

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Tecia Torres defeats Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger
Torres lived up to her nickname tonight, as she was a “Tiny Tornado” in the Octagon. She almost tripled Jones-Lybarger’s output (149-56 strikes) and was in control for the majority of the full-distance fight – particularly the 3rd Round. Torres, who was fifth in the women’s strawweight rankings entering the night, took the decision on the judges’ scorecards unanimously (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

They said it:
Tecia Torres: “I was preparing for ‘Karate Hottie’ who I knew was good on the ground, so the only difference was height with Jocelyn. I didn’t notice just how significant it was until we were in the clinch and I was on the tips of my toes trying to defend. As the rounds went on, I felt better and better. I'm happy with this win. With this fight, I feel like I made my mark. I'm just going to get better. Hopefully, I'll get a top 10 or top 5 opponent. I think with maybe two more wins we can talk about title contention. But I want to improve a little bit.”
Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger: “This was a dream come true. I took this fight on nine days’ notice, but there was no way I was going to say no. Everything here is so organized and awesome. It was my first time fighting in the UFC and it was on the biggest card of the year, it was a little overwhelming, but I would do it all over again. I can’t wait for another chance to get in there and do it again.”

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Warlley Alves defeats Colby Covington
That was quick! In just over 1 minute the Brazilian locked in a guillotine choke and earned the victory against Covington. It is the fifth professional win via guillotine choke for Alves. With the victory, the winner of Season 3 of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil also improved his UFC record to 4-0 (with three wins by submission). For Covington, it is his first professional loss in nine fights (four in the UFC).

They said it:
Warlley Alves: “This was my first fight in Las Vegas which I knew could be difficult. I was able to acclimate very quickly and my weight cut went perfectly. I'm so happy to get the win as a thanks to all my amazing teammates and coaches. It also means a lot to my home city that is struggling after the disaster last month. I'm thankful for my fans and to the UFC and ready to get back in there as soon as possible.”

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Leonardo Santos defeats Kevin Lee

Simply put, Kevin Lee got caught. Leonardo Santos hit him with a perfect right that dropped his opponent and he pounced before the referee called for the stoppage at 3:26 of the first round. The winner of Season 2 of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil created a little controversy after the fight. In his celebration he jumped out of the Octagon and ran around the arena. But there was no controversy about his win – the 15th of his professional career and fourth in the UFC.

They said it:
Leonardo Santos: “I came in ready for a three round war but as I was walking to the Octagon I felt so comfortable that I knew I was going to get the finish. Early on I was able to find my distance and place a perfect punch. I know I shouldn't have ran out of the Octagon after my victory but like I said, the cage was just too small to hold my happiness. By the time I realized I shouldn't have done it I was being brought back in looking up at the screens showing my highlight. With the lights going around the arena it was a pretty amazing feeling. I'm just very excited to be here and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon!”

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UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor FIGHT PASS prelims

Magomed Mustafaev defeats Joe Proctor
What power from Mustafaev! Well placed kicks by the Russian hurt Proctor early and then vicious knees dropped him and led to the TKO at 1:54 of the 1st Round.

They said it:
Magomed Mustafaev: “I have finished all of my wins to date, I don’t let my fights go to the judges and I try to finish my fights as soon as possible. Tonight was no different. I don’t have a particular opponent I want next, I just need to keep training to prepare myself for the next level of competition. I will be happy and ready for whatever the matchmakers give me next.”

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Yancy Medeiros defeats John Makdessi

A striking showcase between Makdessi and Medeiros as the pair spent the majority of the fight on their feet. The statistics show an almost even fight, with Makdessi holding a six strike advantage (105-99). The fight went the distance and the judges’ scorecards awarded it to Medeiros by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) with the second round being the difference on the three scorecards.

They said it:
Yancy Medeiros: “I’m so happy that I was able to go out there and get the win for all my fans and most importantly for Hawaii. It’s unfortunate because I always fight for the finish every time I’m in the Octagon. The plan going in was to use my range and force Makdessi to over commit. I watched footage and he has a tendency to open up when he throws the overhand so I was waiting for my moment. I was patient and a lot of my counters landed clean but he’s a very tough martial artist. I’m always looking to climb the ladder and get back inside the top 10 but I would absolutely love to compete in Hawaii if the UFC has it on the horizon.
John Makdessi: “I thought I was pushing the pace more and I was the more accurate striker. I guess that flash knockdown was quick and I guess that gave him the win.”

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Court McGee defeats Marcio Alexandre
A pretty even fight through the first 10 minutes, then a sense of urgency struck and both fighters came out swinging in the third and final round. In the final minutes, Utah native McGee was able to take control and finished the fight with solid ground-and-pound. He wasn’t able to get the finish, though, so the decision was in the judges’ hands – and they ruled it in favor of McGee (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) in his return to the Octagon after an almost two-year absence. In his postfight comments, McGee mentioned the inner demons he’s had to battle – which you can read more about below.

They said it:
Court McGee: “I had a 14 week training camp, between that and the addition of Rob Handley at Absolute MMA I felt like I didn’t skip a beat in the Octagon tonight. Determination, dedication and never giving up made all the difference for me. I’d like a step up in competition the next time out, I’d also like to see constant improvement on my part and to work my way to the top, one fight at a time.”
Marcio Alexandre: “It was a difficult fight. I thought I landed the harder punches and strikes but the judges didn’t see it that way. I’ll have to get back into the gym and talk to my coaches on how to fix some of my mistakes. I hope I get another chance to prove myself soon.”

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