Carlos Eduardo
9-2-0( W-L-D )

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Record: 9-2-0
Sommario: BJJ Black Belt, heart of a lion, hard worker

Fighter Info

Nickname: Ta Danado
: Cabedelo, Paraiba Brazil
Vive A: Hamburg Germany
Età: 34
Altezza: 5' 10" ( 177 cm )
Peso: 170 libbre ( 77 kg )


Totale Colpi Sferrati
Successo 34%
Tipi di Colpi Riusciti
68% In Piedi
Colpi Difensivi
Percentuale dei colpi schivati

Lotta a Terra

Totale Takedown
Successo 0%
Tipi di Takedown Riusciti
{0}% Sottomissioni
{0}% Schivate
{0}% Sweep
Takedown Defense
Percentuale di Takedown schivati
Risultato Combattenti Evento Striking Takedown Sottomissioni Schivate Metodo Replay
Mike Pierce giu 8, 2012
32 3 0 0 R3 Decision - Unanimous
Carlos Eduardo Rocha 17 0 0 0
Jake Ellenberger feb 5, 2011
25 3 0 1 R3 Decision - Split
Carlos Eduardo Rocha 21 0 2 3
Kris McCray nov 13, 2010
3 2 0 2 R1 Submission
Carlos Eduardo Rocha 2 0 1 1


TRAINING: I have reorganized my training for this fight, as I am working hard on my boxing with members of the Brazilian Olympic boxing team. Additionally, I felt that I needed to get even stronger, so I implemented a new strength and conditioning program. Besides that, I grapple and wrestle in the mornings and have hard sparring sessions with a legion of black belts at night.

When and why did you start training for fighting?
I was an orphan in Brazil until my master Dárcio Lira picked me up from the streets and let me train in his gym. I cleaned the mats and the rest of the dojo, even though I didn’t have to. I enjoyed the training and quickly became very good at it. Today, fighting is my life!

What ranks and titles have you held? #1 ranked middleweight in Germany, BJJ black belt under Dárcio Lira (FJJTEC), Tapout Fight Team Germany Member, La Onda “Manto Cup” 8-man tournament winner (2009), FFA European Middleweight Champion (2008)

Do you have any heroes? Jesus

What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC?
I can’t believe it, it is awesome, it is like winning the lottery. I always wanted to fight in the UFC…It is a gift from God, which I’ll grab with all my strength.

Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn? I went to the University of Jiu-Jitsu. ;)

What was your job before you started fighting? I was teaching jiu-jitsu and working as a bouncer.

Specific accomplishments in amateur competition? I won around fifty regional tournaments in jiu-jitsu between 1996 and 2008.

Specific accomplishments in pro competition? I held the FFA European middleweight title and won the La Onda “Manto Cup”, a single-night, eight-man tournament.

Favorite grappling technique: Kimura.

Favorite Striking technique: Spinning backfist.


  • Has never gone the distance – Eight wins by submission, one by TKO


  • Eight of nine wins have come in the first round.


  • Nickname means “The Rascal”


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